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If you had to ask a marketing expert what was the single most effective marketing channel, they would more than likely tell you that the most cost-effective and best-performing channel in digital marketing sits within your email marketing.


If your social media or advertising channels had to fall today, would you still be able to communicate your message to your target audience? Your email address database should be your biggest asset and something that should be your core focus. With email marketing you own the audience and don't have to rely on anyone else. Having an effective email marketing strategy is what is going to set you apart from your competition

Your email list is gold, and it contains people that have permitted you to whisper in their ear whenever you like about your company’s products and services. You can send targeted emails to your ideal client who wants to hear from you and the best part is that’s it’s free, you don’t have to pay for advertising or jump through hoops to show your message.

Email marketing is personal and you get to see exactly how each person reacts to your email campaign and what products or services they are interacting with in your campaign.

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We can help you develop your email marketing platform

There are a lot of email platforms out there and the good news is that we have had experience with all the big players. There are a couple of things to consider when picking a platform, one being is how it would integrate into the rest of your (current or future) ecosystem and your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

We’ve had massive success with some platforms, and we’ve learnt some hard lessons with others that we can bring to the table to help you develop an effective email system. We can help you decide which direction to move in and which is the best way to start. Whatever level you are at, we can help you achieve your goals with your email marketing strategy.

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Tips for effective email marketing

We will build your Email marketing Template for your business

With so many different email mailbox platforms we know what works and how to get your message across. It all starts with getting the right email template to best suit your needs and your brand. We have had years of experience as an email marketing agency in creating and developing effective email templates that convert, are responsive, and look fantastic. We can develop different templates for you and train you on how to best use them.

Email marketing planning and strategy

Strategy: Planning your email campaign

The biggest struggle when it comes to any campaign is the planning phase, you get it right and you’re only left with executing on your thoughts but get it wrong and you could face the pressure of not having a consistent direction to go into.

Let us help you plan your campaigns. We have had years of experience as an email digital marketing agency with all different types of communications that have been crafted to speak to high-end corporates and grassroots levels from the same brand voice.

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Execution: Creating elements and writing copy for your email campaign

There is an art in designing an experience that your clients consume when they sit down to enjoy the feast that you’ve put in front of them. If you serve up something to your audience that is not constant with the “meal” or has too much “broccoli” tucked away under the meat then you are most probably not going to have the same people sitting at your table the next time around.

Consistency is key in growing your audience and that extends to the style that your write in, how you present your newsletter, and the imagery that you use. We have been creating content for over 20 years now and can help you design your feast and have your target audience coming back for more.

Help with EDM and email marketing

Build your email campaign and testing

The pressure is on when creating a campaign and you walk that fine line of are your clients going to open the email, are they going to like what you’ve got, are they going to unsubscribe from your email list? You can have the perfect design and your copy editing can be on point but bringing it together in the right way is key. There are a multitude of different email platforms that your clients will be reading the email on and the design development that goes into the creating your campaign is important. 


  1. The perfect headline does exist, and you might have it, but is it displayed in the way that it is going to draw the attention of your audience? Is your email preview text working well with you your headline to pull in your client?
  2. Your content is arranged in a way to draw the reader in and your call to action is highlighted.
  3. Are you personalising your email subjects and topics with the person’s name, location, or other information in it?
  4. Have you leveraged the Ai capabilities of your email software to offer auto-shopping suggestions for your products or services?
  5. Create Dynamic content that you’re able to display content that you will only serve up to certain groups like only showing male products or services to men and female products to women, all in the same email campaign.
  6. Keep the flow going of the entire email so that you keep your reader for the entire email and don’t lose them halfway through.
  7. Is your email optimised for mobile, does it work with the desktop version, is it fluid to work across both and have you designed for dark mode.
  8. Have you setup your UTM tracking code so that you can see when people interact with your website from your email.
  9. Have you followed best practices to not have your email address blacklisted or flagged as spam?

There are a lot of different elements that you need to consider when building your campaign. We can help you or teach you these elements and maximise the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

Email analytics marketing Agency

Sending and tracking your EDM

You want to be able to optimise the best time to send your emails so that you get the maximum open rates, and it correlates with what you’re trying to achieve in other areas of your marketing. 

There are different days of the week that have been shown to work better than others and time of day is always important, whether you make the call to catch your audience during their lunch break or give them something to sip on whilst they’re enjoying their downtime after work.

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Analysis of email campaign

Reviewing your campaigns and spotting the trends will help your business grow. You will be able to pinpoint what content your readers are enjoying and what content gets them to engage with your products and services. 

If you run an email campaign, you want to know if it was successful and what your ROI was so that next time you know where to put more focus and time into building that part of your campaign.

Email marketing campaign creation

Capturing Data & CRM integration with your email marketing

Your email list is what is the heart and soul of your business but it all depends on what you do with that list. 

If you put something out there to someone and they interact with an element of your business, you want to be able to capture that, so that next time you have something you want to say to them you can be a couple of steps ahead of them. 

This is part of your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) where you keep all your notes on the clients in one place. Your email marketing strategy must include an integration into your CRM if you want to leverage the most out of your email marketing data. 


If you don't have Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or are not sure how to use yours, we can help you, it's a lot more affordable and easier to use than what you think, and the good news is that some platforms have them built into them already. We have had a lot of experience in working with sales and marketing teams for them to work together to leverage a CRM and create more leads and sales.

Marketing automation and automated email

When someone leaves something in their shopping cart you can send them an email to try and get them back to your website and if someone joins your email list you can send them an automated email introducing your company, letting them know what they can look forward to.

You can send an email automatically when it’s their birthday, their anniversary with you or any other special criteria that you can think of.


It's all part of leveraging marketing automation that brings the attention of your customer back onto you.

There are a lot of automation strategies that can work and a lot that can chase potential customers away. Let’s chat and work out the best ones for you.

Help with email marketing Auckland

We are here to help you with your email marketing

It can be confusing and take a lot of work to get it right, but it becomes an easy path once you see the direction you are going in and you have a solid foundation to work with.

Whether you’re starting out and haven’t written a single campaign or you’re looking to spice up what you have already, get in touch and let’s talk about how we can get you onto a world class email marketing strategy to grow your business.

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