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Imagine a row of 20 shops on a road and all of them sold the same product or service. If you had to bet on which shops you think a potential customer is going to look at first then putting money on the first 5 shops would be your safest option.

This is exactly how Google’s search results page and search engine rankings work and in fact, almost 70% of people searching on Google only look at the top 5 search results.– CTRstudy.

So you’ve got your target audience in your street, or potential website traffic as Google calls them and they know exactly what they want, they’ve typed in the phrase that matches what you’re offering and if you’re number one on the list you’ll have a 30% chance of getting the customer. 

Now imagine the owner of the street says to the business owners, “Hey, whichever 5 businesses pay me the most will be put right at the beginning of the street, before any shops, right here, where your potential client is going to enter. Whoever pays second highest will get the second position and so on.”

That is exactly how Google works. When you create an ads campaign in your Google ads account (formerly Google Adwords) you go into a bidding war with other competitors to fill up the top 5 spots in the Google advertising ranking on the page.

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How Google Ads work

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The 5 different main types of Google Ads

be first on Googles results page

Google Search Adverts

These are text adverts that you see when you type something into the Google search bar. They have a title, a description and sometimes have extended information at the bottom to give the client more information about your company.

Advertise Google Display Network

Google's Display Network

Google has many partners out there that belong to the Google Display Network. They get paid a small portion every time they display an advert to you. These adverts can be in the form of text or a picture (display ad).

Google shopping adverts

Google Shopping Adverts

If you have an eCommerce website then you must have Google Shopping as part of your digital marketing strategy. When someone is typing in the name of something that you sell, then you know that their intent to buy that item is very high. It’s like having a display window in a shop and the person is walking past, it lets the customer pick a result on the look and price of the item rather than the description.

YouTube advertising Auckland

YouTube Advertising

Did you know that Google bought YouTube for $1.6 billion (US) in 2006? Today two out of three people are active on YouTube and it is the second-largest search engine in the world (after Google). You can use YouTube advertising to show people your advert and just like Google’s pay-per-click model, you can choose to only pay when someone has watched 30 seconds of your advert.

remarketing advertising auckland

Remarketing Advertising with Google

Have you ever wondered how when you visit a website and then wherever you go after that you see adverts for what was on that website? That’s called remarketing and it’s a very powerful specialised type of advert that allows you to show adverts to people that have been on your website. You know they are interested in the item and they’re interested in you, now you have the chance to convince them that you are the right choice to invest in.

NourseMen Marketing Pay Per Click PPC

Using the powerful Google search Pay Per Click (PPC) model

Depending on how you set up your Google ads account you only must pay if someone clicks on your advert, in digital marketing terms it’s known as a cost per click. It would be the same as if all those five vendors at the beginning of the road put their money down in separate piles in front of the owner of the street for their spot in the top 5. Once the potential client has decided which shop to visit, the owner of the street only takes the money of the shops that the client visited  and gives back the rest.

You can also have a different model by choosing to pay once Google has shown your advert to 1,000 people (vCPM). It’s a lot cheaper than what a pay-per-click advert is, but you get charged for every time that anyone sees the advert, regardless of if they click on the advert or not.

What’s the best model for you? We have a formula that we use to calculate which type of advert will yield the best results, get in touch and we will help you decide on the best one.

Google Ads Return on Investment

The most cost-effective advertising spend available, Google's return on investment (ROI)

You are in full control of how much you want to spend, which payment model do you want to pay for and the best part is that you can work exactly your ROI or Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). You can go even further and work out exactly how much each client is worth to you that clicks onto your website. You have full control and when your Google Adwords have the perfect quality score, your website and its landing pages have been optimised, then you can start scaling your business.

Help me advertise on Google Ads

It can become very confusing and overwhelming, very quickly. Let our team of digital marketing experts be your Google partner and help you build a solid foundation that can be scaled. We know what is important and we can confidently say that the results will speak for themselves.


We offer once-off packages that help you setup your Ads account and we build you a custom Google Ads Strategy that you will be able to execute on your own or have one of our team take care of for you.


We understand that it might be a new way of advertising for you and you might want to test the waters first before committing to anything. We specialise in growing small business and startups on a tight budget and scale with you as your company reaches new heights.


We are genuinely passionate about seeing you succeed and this meaning is what drives us to serve you.


So, give us a call, whether you’re well established or kicking-off into this new amazing world, we look forward to growing with you.

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