How we used SEO Auckland strategies for photography studio

SEO strategy for photographer
Yellow Lab Photography Logo

Summary of photography SEO project

Yellow Lab Photography is a premier photographic studio that tells the story of you and the dogs and fur babies in your life so that you will always remember them. They will photograph you and create images that will put a smile on your face and make you happy each time you see them.

Yellow Lab has a unique perspective on how they do their photography and their photographs end up being beautiful pieces of artwork. The website had stunning imagery and the owner, Salome, has always done an exceptional job of documenting her work through her blog and her social media accounts.

Salome came to NourseMen Marketing and wanted to increase traffic to the Yellow Lab website and attract more quality leads.

We created a targeted SEO campaign that focused on building on core SEO principles and managed to achieve a great result for Salome.

Auckland SEO strategy for photographer
Google keywords Google SEO

Google Keywords

Almost doubled the amount keywords in Google

Attract organic traffic

Organic Traffic

Increased organic traffic by 400%

User Experience

User Experience

Better user experience

Local map pack

Local traffic

1st in Map pack Auckland
Dog Photography
Pet photography
Family photography

Organic traffic for Yellow Lab

What Salome said about our SEO Auckland services

Jono did a professional job with the SEO on my website and I’ve had a lot more people visit my website. My business now ranks at the top of Google maps for local seo. He has also helped with my website design and refining the customer experience on my e-commerce store. He explains everything extremely well and knows a lot about digital marketing. I will definitely be recommending NourseMen as THE go to Auckland Marketing Agency!

Salome from Yellow Lab recommends NourseMen Marketing

at Yellow Lab

What SEO strategies for photography did we use?

Winning Local SEO for photography business on Google

Ranking photo studio first in Google Maps

We had a goal that if anyone in the local Auckland region wanted to find a dog photographer that Yellow Lab would be at the top of the search results in the Google map pack.

We reworked Yellow Lab’s Google Business listing so that it would better align with Google’s trends and we managed to move into the top position for various Photography keywords.

Leveraging Google Business profile for better ranking for for photo business

Google Business has some extremely powerful tools that often get overlooked for local SEO. We leveraged various Google assets and have built an eco-system that Google ranks us high up in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Yellow Lab now has a custom Google Business SEO strategy that fuels the fire for their search engine results and they should enjoy ranking first on the Map pack for more keywords as they continue with this local SEO strategy.

Local SEO map pack
Photographer SEO Auckland how we did local seo

Optimising on-page SEO on photography website

One of the biggest changes that we made on the website was to optimise how clients were using the site. We were spoilt for choice with the number of fantastic pictures but found that there was a considerable drop-off at certain points and clients weren’t moving through the website and were becoming a bit fatigued at points.

We used special techniques and analytics to see exactly at what point and where the customers were ending their customer journey on the website and worked to improve the customer experience through UX (User experience) optimisation. We decreased the number of low-ranking pages and focused on building a strong SEO-positive portfolio of pages that were doing well.

The on-page SEO efforts worked with the overall time spent on overall pages increasing by 131.49%, and the bounce rate being reduced by 22.63%.

Google business for photographer
SEO results for photographer in Auckland

SEO language that Google understands to rank photography business 

We rewrote some of the text and headings into a language that would help content rank on some of the key targeted SEO keywords and we leveraged Google’s best practices to let Google know exactly what the page was about.

We optimised Meta tag, Anchor text, Image and Alt text in our SEO campaign and it paid off with the websites Google ranking

Off-page SEO and Technical SEO tactics for photography studio

We sent press releases to various news and media outlets around New Zealand and focused on starting to build a backlink profile for Yellow Lab which helped boost the site’s page authority.

We optimised various technical aspects of the website which helped to greatly boost the performance of the site which in turn helped boost the Google ranking.

We will point you in the right direction and tell you what you need to do to get your photography SEO right to attract more clients on Google.

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