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Summary of SEO Restaurant Web Design

Nanny’s Eatery is one of those restaurants that you read about in the story books. It’s a restaurant filled with colour, flavour, good vibes and love. The food is exceptional and when you mix in all the other ingredients everything just works right.

Their stars of the show that bought Nanny’s Eatery to life are the owners JP (born and bred in Jamaica) and Ange (A kiwi girl). They aren’t just your normal run-of-the-mill entrepreneurs looking to turn a quick buck. They have every corner of Nanny’s looking, feeling and tasting like you would imagine Island food would be like.

Amongst other things JP heads up the kitchen and runs the ship during the day whilst Ange is the brains behind the beautiful designs and keeps the big machine turning over in the background with the heavy lifting business side. They had a bit of an insane (there’s no other word for it) start with their kick-off to the business happening on 17 August 2021, the exact same day that New Zealand was thrown into its first Lockdown.

You can’t get much more challenging than that in the restaurant game and they had to wait 3 months until 25 November 2021 when they could official open their doors to the public.

Ange approached NourseMen and wanted help with launching a new website design for maximum reach in the least amount of time and they needed it done yesterday. COVID had been the first big challenge that they had and now it was to get people through the door.

In a few short days we designed a fully functional website that had the best SEO practices at its core and developed an aggressive local SEO strategy to start pulling in clients from the area.

We achieved a great result with Google ranking the site quickly and organic traffic almost doubling every week for the first four months of the website going live.

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Nannys web design using products
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Ranked Quickly

Quick Ranking

Website that ranked very quickly

Attract organic traffic

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic from 0 to 5,000/month in 3 months.
5,000 to 12,000 in 2 months.

Google keywords Google SEO

Google Keywords

First in Google SEO ranking for multiple keywords

Local map pack

Local traffic

1st in Map pack Auckland
Various keywords

Restuarant SEO organic traffic monthly Nannys

What Ange said about our SEO Auckland services

Jono's support in growing our business has been exceptional!

The level of detail and structure is delivered so well, we went from having no idea, to our website booming and understanding why! He explained to us how Google’s local SEO works and the importance of SEO, as well as providing research and showing us how he got to where he did with our site.

He created our web design with all of this in mind and our page has boosted right to the top along with our socials!

We could not be happier with how these changes helped with our website ranking on Google.

We highly recommend NourseMen for any digital marketing projects for your website

Five star review from Ange about NourseMen Marketing
Ange CO-Owner
at Nanny's eatery

Co-Owner JP on NourseMen's Auckland SEO services

Jono helped myself and my partner get our website off the ground with his knowledge on local SEO, web design and SEO in general.

I had no idea what any of this meant, so his work and support was invaluable!

Nanny's Eatery Co-owner JP talking about successful web design
JP CO-Owner
at Nanny's eatery

What the finished web page design looked like

Click on below for bigger pictures.

What SEO strategies did we use for the restaurant website design?

Competitor analysis in the food Industry on Google

The first thing that we did before we started on any of design work was to take a deep five into all of the competitors in the same market.

We asked the Nanny’s team who their main competitors where in the area, that they knew of, and had a look at their digital offerings. We then ran individual audits on the competitors' digital system. We had a look at how they structured their websites, how they presented themselves and the imagery they used.

We were looking for the fire sauce to catapult Nanny's to the top of the game

Photo of Chicken for restaurant website design

Key focus areas when doing competitor analysis for the restaurant website build

Competitor website structures

How they put their website together and what technology they used?

What best practices were they following and what best practices were they missing?

How they put their pages together and how they linked them together?

Photograph of restaurant owner for website design

Web design for restaurants

What kind of design and imagery they used for their restaurant websites.

Did they make the restaurant feel personal or try to sell the experience with their premises or did they use their food and staff to create their story?

We decided to lead with the story of Nanny’s and focus on the people first, then the food and then look of the restaurant. We felt that you sell an experience through different senses and telling the great story about how Nanny’s came about would bring people through the door with love already in their heart because they knew where Nanny’s came from.

Photos for restaurant website

What restaurant pictures were used for web design

We further built on the theme of putting people first by having a professional photoshoot done of the restaurant.

It worked well getting the pictures done and we managed to, with very little time build a branded theme that looked good.

Mobile friendly restaurant website design

We looked at the trends and we saw that there was a positive infinity towards mobile design.

What we did find out later as we looked at the stats is people were experiencing the restaurant on their phone and then coming back at a later stage for a second visit.

The menu page was a big hit when it came to returning visitors.

Mobile web design for restaurant

Their wording they used

What were they saying and did they mention local areas in their narrative?
We focused on using wording that would give restaurant SEO a good push and focused on using keywords that mentioned surrounding areas and told Google about who and what they are in Google’s language.

The headings they used

What did their main headings say?
Was there a pattern that helped them rank with Google?
What were the most important things that they were trying to highlight.

The keywords that they were targeting

Which were the main keywords that they used a lot of?
Were there any specific phrases that they repeated a lot?
Where their obvious keywords that were repeated amoungst all the sites?

Their social media integrated into web design

How did they integrate their social media into their digital offerings?
Did their social media link back to their main pages and how did they integrate the different elements?
Did they repeat what they were doing on social media on their website?
Was their main call to action on their social media pages and then repeated on their website?

Their advertising

What were they spending on their advertising and what were they targeting?
Were there any patterns that we could see from the restaurants in the area and where they were competing?

How they structured their content

Did they use special structure like schema (a special kind of language that Google understands)?
Did they use Schema in their menus?

Their local SEO strategy in their area

What local SEO keywords were they targeting?
Did they have a focused local campaign? How were they doing in the local SEO rankings?
How were they doing in the local map pack?

What people were saying about them, especially the bad reviews

We wanted to build a picture of what clients were expecting and what were the biggest pain-points for clients when it came to these restaurants.

Screenshot 2022-09-14 175035

Why did the website audit matter so much and how it helped?

We took all the data that we gathered from the competitors’ digital assets and we built a profile of what the perfect restaurant website would look like.

The profile helped us build a site very quickly and with tight deadlines we knew exactly what we needed to create that was ready to perform.

NourseMen designed a restaurant site that now sits at the top of Google’s rankings and is still consistently attracting a lot of clientele.

Restaurant Local SEO

We put a lot of focus on the local SEO strategy around Google maps.

We focused on the Google Business knowledge panel which answered some questions that people in the area were having about other restaurants in Kingsland as well as created questions around pain points from the reviews that were left on competitors.

We managed to rank the restaurant first in Google Maps for multiple keywords and look forward to keeping on ranking on the other main keywords.

Local SEO first map pack
Backlink profile

Restaurant Backlinks

We focused on building high authority links within the restaurant niche and we managed to secure some high-ranking relevant articles that helped strengthen the authority of the the site, as well as drive a lot of traffic to it.

Nanny’s Eatery was a huge success and we loved building a marketing machine that should see Nanny’s well into the future.

If you have a restaurant and are looking to boost your ranking on Google, especially on the local SEO side, send us a message for an obligation-free chat.

We will point you in the right direction and tell you what you need to do to get your restaurant SEO right to attract more clients on Google.

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