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Our journey to becoming an Auckland Digital Marketing Agency

NourseMen Marketing Director Jono Nourse

Hi, my name is Jono and I head up the NourseMen tribe marketing agency in Auckland.

We have a team that specialises in digital marketing campaigns and offer various marketing products or services. Our marketing services range from web development which includes website design, online marketing, search engine optimisation, google ads campaigns, and social media marketing.

Our marketing strategies focus on achieving a high conversion rate with google ads, social media interactions and we aim to always make the user experience a memorable one.

I believe that each of us has a story that needs to be told and once we know where someone has come from we have a good idea of where they're going.

Here is my story...

My career started with a great digital marketing agency that specialised in multimedia and web design projects. We focused on developing high-end SEO-rich websites for large companies. Our digital marketing strategy focused on leveraging digital advertising like Google Adwords and search engine optimisation combined with exceptional web design.

"The story" and how things work have always fascinated me and I have always been the guy who has to know how things work. I distill my own whiskey, brew my own beer, make my own biltong, mine my own cryptocurrency, can rebuild a Harley street 500 engine (great story there), and loves to get hands-on at any level.

I've added a lot of marketing, design, and multimedia tools to my toolbox to be able to understand each part of the marketing and web design process and to tell "the story" without restrictions.

My tools were good and my web design and marketing services came highly recommended, but I still felt that "the story" element of my skills needed sharpening. I wanted to be able to know "what to say" and "how to say it" and not come across as one of the many "by-the-book" digital marketing agencies that lobbied for attention with insincere cheap parlour tricks. I wanted to be able to offer great digital marketing that spoke to people, made a difference, and left a meaningful impression.

I joined up with one of the biggest media companies in South Africa and learned the art of the narrative combined with a visual approach. I ended up heading up two newspapers as the Managing Editor with one of my main focuses being generating revenue for clients through specialised digital and a traditional marketing and sales approaches. I used to break bread with ministers and dignitaries from all walks of life. I learned the art of giving a voice to small businesses and amplifying the voice of big business.

My roots were forged in the "old-school" marketing ways, matured at a c-suite level and sharpened with the help of amazing story-tellers and tools that have appeared over the last 20+ years.

New Zealand has been my home for over half a decade and my journey has been incredible.

I would love to hear your story of how you've grown your business and your vision for the future. If you think we would be a good fit and are looking for a highly experienced marketing partner then let's connect.


t: +6420 410 12773

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