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Twenty years ago when you wanted to tell the world about who you are you would have to use print media or expensive television adverts. It was difficult to achieve your goals with the spoils going to the large companies that had the biggest budgets. It was almost impossible for small businesses to get the same amount of brand awareness as the behemoths.

Facebook Marketing Agency Auckland

Then Facebook came along and changed the game completely by offering advertisers the ability to show an ad campaign to the exact target audience. The social media platforms exploded with multiple other social media products and services like Instagram and Linkedin arriving on the scene.

How we design, develop, and build your digital pillars for your website

These days your target audience’s attention goes to the one that has the best story to tell. You are competing with accounts from all around the world who are the best of the best with polished social media content, best photos, graphics, and videos.

You need to be able to craft your own story and make your Social Media Marketing meaningful to your audience and leave them wanting to see what you have to offer next.

NourseMen Marketing has been in the mass market story-telling business for years with specialties in mixed media storytelling, writing, journalism, graphic design, and working in and with some of the biggest media companies out there.


We were there for the birth of Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin and have been using them professionally since day one. We have learned how to capture the attention of clients with a blend of story-telling and knowing exactly how the different platforms work.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

NourseMen Marketing|Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Strategy

We create a full solution Social Media Marketing Strategy that will help you achieve your goals and get your products and services in front of the right people. More importantly, we want to create a brand voice for you that people will want to turn to and become loyal followers on your Digital Marketing channels.

Social Media Management Auckland

Social Media Management

Let us manage all aspects of your Social Media Marketing Strategy and add that consistency that is the recipe for growing your Social Media presence. We will create your content, manage your social media platforms, engage with clients and get the highest conversion rates for your social media advertising. We will give you monthly reports and analyse the results with you so that you can see exactly the return of your investment and what steps we need to take next.

Social Media Auckland

Social Media Campaigns

Let us be the Social Media Agency that takes care of special campaigns and arrange all the details from influencers, content creation, advertising support and create a full campaign that can drive your products and services forward.

Social Media Automation

Content Strategy

We have experienced what works and what content wins clients and we can do the same for you. Let us create a content strategy for you that will keep the attention of your audience and grow your brand.

Social Media engagement growth strategies

Content Creation

It takes time to craft professional content and to create a consistent brand that your target audience will recognise and enjoy. We have years of experience in telling stories, writing headlines and captions that will capture your audience and keep them enthralled with what you have to offer.

Social Media Advertising Auckland

Social Media Advertising

We craft Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook ad campaigns for all different levels of your sales cycle and leverage the power of Facebook to serve up the most compelling part of your products and services. We can target your audience with pin-point accuracy so that you don’t waste any money. We specialise in remarketing your products and services to your target audience on Facebook to create powerful call-to-action advertising campaigns that will increase sales and leads.

Help with Social Media Marketing Auckland

There are a lot of different elements within Social Media Marketing and in most cases it becomes a full-time job to be across all of them effectively. Let us help take care of all of those elements or build a focus plan for you to execute on the parts that will make the biggest impact for your business.

We offer once-off packages where we do a full audit on your Social Media channels and develop a Social Media Strategy that can be executed by you or by our team. 

We offer content creation training for you and your staff where we teach you how to take photos, how to post your content, best practices and which software to use.

We thrive on helping small businesses and startups succeed and we can tailor 

make packages to suit your budget. 

We genuinely want to see you succeed and grow.
Give us a call and let us take the first steps into this Social Media journey, together.