3 easy quick tips for more people to see your Instagram content

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3 easy quick tips for more people to see your Instagram content

Are you a content creator and want more people seeing the great content that you create on social media? Learn how to quickly increase the amount of accounts that are viewing your Instagram post reach with these three easy tips.

Content! It’s a huge buzzword.

You have to create content to pull in clients…keep on posting content! We’ve seen a lot of clients posting strings of beautifully written content that gets caught up, “boxed” and doesn’t go any further than their own Social feed and receive a handful of pats on the back and no more.

It gets mind-bending frustrating throwing energy out and getting nothing back.

The trick is to show your content to more of the people that you’ve created the content for.

Easier said than done, buddy!

Here are some social media strategies that you can use to up the odds:

  1. 1. Reels. There are so many benefits of using Instagram Reels compared to a normal post.

The difference can be ten-fold with the amount of people that will see your content. More eyes = more chance for people to see your content = more chance of people converting. Instagram knows that Reels are popular and show they give them priority on the explore page.

Even if you have a photo that you want to share, creating a reel out of it and adding some moving text will do much better than just a normal picture post.

How to post an Instagram Reel?

Follow the guide below on how to make Instagram Reels with Pictures.

  1. 2. Stories. Sharing your content to your stories.

It’s another way of boosting eyeballs to your content. Throw in some interactive element (like a poll or quiz) and the algorithm will think that you’re sharing hot content and give it a boost.

  1. 1. At the bottom of your post you will see a little aeroplane icon. – as shown in the picture below.
Sharing Instagram post to your Instagram stories

  1. 2.Tap on the icon and tap on Add Reel to your story.

  2. 3. Your Instagram story editor will appear and you can add on stickers / polls / questions / gifs / animations or wording. These are great for getting people to interact with your content.

  3. 4. See below the story that we ran. Views count in stories as well.
Instagram stories creator and adding elements

  1. 3. Being Social. Commenting on other people’s posts when posting.

The first thing that most people do when you post a comment is check out your profile. More people coming to your profile signals to Instagram that there’s cool stuff happening and it will show your content to more people with a similar profile.

This can be hard work, but think about it. If you were at a massive exhibition that has 2 billion people (2 billion people interact with Reels a month) looking at the pieces of art every month, how would you get attention?

You would look out for people that want to listen to start up a quick conversation with them and ask them to come and have a look at your great social media content.

Remember, you want to keep it natural and flowing. Leave meaningful comments on their posts and other people reading the comments will see that you’re an expert in what you’ve written and they might head over and have a look at your Instagram profile too.

Increase instagram reels views by using hashtags

  1. 4. Bonus Instagram growth tip. SEO for Instagram.

Always make sure to use # (hashtags) with your posts and write full captions. When people are searching for content the Instagram algorithm works like SEO on other search engines and if you’re using keywords in your captions that people are searching for your content will be rank higher on the Instagram search results page.

Be consistent with your social media strategy

It’s tough. It takes time and can take a while to master, but if you consistently jump on these three points, you will see your beautiful pieces of content getting the eyeballs they deserve.

What you can do now to get a quick Instagram win

Do yourself a favour. Check the insights on the last three posts on your timeline and write down the number of accounts reached. Try the top three points with your next posts - compare the numbers and see the difference.

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