Our Brand Definition

We keep it simple

We see the full picture

We are experienced IN your market, we are IN your market

We speak your product/service’s language

We use your product/service

We attack on many fronts

We are battle hardened and know what works, but we are not scared to break new ground

We thrive in the new, we adapt, we push forward, and we win

We put you in the driving seat, next to us

We show you the way

We are your partner

We will always tell you how it is

We understand your challenges and provide solutions

We will get it done!

We pride ourselves in giving you high-end quality

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Brand Attributes

Experienced; Strategic; Hands-on; Intuitive; Knowledgeable; Innovative; Big thinkers; The authority; Empowering; Dependable; Understanding; Proudly New Zealand

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NourseMen is the go-to service provider for brand, marketing direction and execution for companies looking to grow their brand, have their sales and marketing teams work in one direction, increase their bottom line, and conquer the opposition.

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We are fearless.

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NourseMen is not just a one-dimensional cookie-cutter company that fights like the rest in the hopes of stumbling onto clients in a world of extreme noise, unease and technologies that are constantly changing.

We lead the marketing charge, with you, by knowing exactly who you and your clients are. We speak your language. We understand the family that you are creating because we are part of that family.

We are your partner, your comrade, we fight by your side….we win…together.

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Brand Character

NourseMen is your go-to alpha that has earned his stripes. He has been in the ring and has experienced the fight. He is humble, kind and looks to make the entire pack better and works towards the strengths of the group.

If there is something that he has not conquered, he will learn how to win in that arena, how it works and make it his own. He will understand every aspect of it before he tells its tale to the world.

He enjoys life, chooses his path and who he will go to battle with.
He surrounds himself with the best and seeks out the best.
He is not afraid to step into the ring with a giant and will give it his all.
He is confident that his experience, wisdom, and knowledge will always win him the fight, but he is humble enough to call in mercenaries when needed.

He is relentless in pursuing perfection and will always offer a solution to a bigger picture rather than just a quick-fix. NourseMen understands that his brand, his actions, how he presents himself and his clients and everything that stands in front of him is important.

It’s all about the experience…How we sell, is how we win!

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Leading the Marketing Charge, Together

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